Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mmmmm .... oh so Fraiche


Fraiche (pronounced fresh) soaps sprung from humble beginnings - the kitchen of founder Johnan Ratliff. Her desire was to create healthy bars of soap without harsh chemicals. The goal was to formulate luscious and captivating bath products using only botanical and certified organic ingredients. How can products that smell this amazing also be good for your body? It's true. All Fraiche soaps are made of the purest ingredients the earth has to offer, meaning no harsh chemicals or fillers.

Why do they feel so smooth on your skin? Fraiche uses more goats' milk and aloe vera than many other soaps to ensure more moisture for the skin, and a richer, creamier lather. Why do they smell so good? They work hard at seeking out nature’s most nurturing elements to turn them into small works of art.

Indeed, they are miniature works of art! We love the artistic swoop at the top of each bar - almost like waves on an ocean. Each bar is neatly sliced, so that all the color variations are nicely displayed. Some bars are swirly like Lavender Fields while others are beautifully striped like Peppermint (shown below). It's obvious that a lot of thought goes into these bars, to capture the visual essence of each scent.
Choose from thirty-one soap scents for $12.50 per bar or three for $33. Or try three at once by sampling one of the prepackaged trilogies for $18. Each trilogy contains three different petite soaps bundled together in complementary scents. We couldn't get enough of our Bare Naked bar, but we couldn't resist the divine Autumn Trilogy either.

In addition to traditional bar sap, Fraiche also offers Swizzles, the ultimate bath bombs. Drop one of these in your tub to feel the fizzing of rich minerals soothing your skin. Swizzles are offered in fifteen scents, for $7.50 each, with a price break for larger quantities ordered. Talk about upping the spa experience of your bath!

These soaps are beautifully cut and packaged, which makes them feel luxurious even before they touch your body. Finally, an excellent gift for a multitude of women - even those that are typically hard to buy for. Fraiche has taken an ordinary product and made it extraordinarily beautiful and a joy to use. The only downside are the choices. Which to give away and which to hoard for yourself?

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