Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aunt Matilda's Almost Boring Party

Front Street/Boyds Mills Press
Jane Morris Udovic; Illustrations by David Udovic

Aunt Matilda throws the most perfect parties ... for adults, that is. Grown-ups are the only people who could enjoy dressing up in uncomfortable clothes, eating fancy foods and standing around talking, talking, talking. For children, Aunt Matilda's parties are perfectly boring!

But when Aunt Matilda requests you stay for her party, there is no choice but to slip into your stiff blue suit and fasten that red bow tie around your neck, like a tiny noose. Aunt Matilda wants to introduce you to her friends and show off what wonderful manners her little nephew has. You know you're in for a long night. Just grin and bear it, then find a comfy armchair in which to slouch down into. Just be careful not to choose an armchair that's too comfy, or you'll be snoozing before you know it ....

The dull party suddenly picks up some speed. Through a series of mishaps, lemon custard pie is flying through the air - right at Auntie! Not being the sort of person who takes things lying down, Auntie fires back a missive. She misses her target, but draws in more participants. Soon, all the party guests are wearing big smiles and cream pies are zooming through the air. Now this is a party!

There's no such thing as a dull get together when you put your mind to making it a wild affair. This is a story that capitalizes on the power of a child's imagination. The realistic illustrations are beautiful, easily bringing life to the party. Children and adults alike (hey, we've all been to a stuffy event or two, right?) can relate to being stuck in this type of a situation and will enjoy the crazy turn of events.

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