Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funny Face

Anna Walker writes and illustrates some of the very best toddler books. Full of bright colors and sweet faces, they also present simple concepts in a new light. Just what the doctor ordered to get your young children hooked on books!

Funny Face is about just that - all the different and humorous faces that we make on a daily basis. From happy to sad, surprised to angry, humans are capable of conveying a wide array of emotions without saying a word.

Following the same pattern as her previous book, Froggy Green, Anna layers the colors by offering a new one with the turn of each page. As an added bit of fun, these children have been dipping into the costume box. Olive shows off perfect pink in a full ballerina dress, while Lucy makes orange roar as a tiger. Millie (below) lets her angry face rip when a rascal runs off with her shoe. That's a very really ferocious angry face, Millie!

The last three pages are a wild melange of color, with the group gathered around the costume box. All the dress-up players make their wildest faces and the party begins, complete with balloons and party hats. A terrific board books for those little toddler minds. This is full of great colors and patterns that will easily hold their attention. The very best part will be encouraging your little ones to make their funny faces!

Be sure to check out Anna Walker's equally wonderful Froggy Green:


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