Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finn Throws a Fit

As the title implies, Finn has been known to fall prey to a bad mood or two. And when Finn feels the urge to throw a fit, he really gets into it. His body language belies his dark mood - blanket clutched tightly about his shoulders, scowl on his face and (most telling) a big black cloud hovers just above his head. His mom, dad and the dog seem equally clueless - big doofy grins on each of their faces.

Finn's mom makes the mistake of offering him peaches. Usually Finn likes peaches, but today he storms off into the nursery, kicking toys out of his way and slamming the door hard. Everywhere Finn goes, his bad mood creates havoc. There's thunder in the nursery and lightning in the kitchen. Finn's fit becomes a storm that takes over the entire house, shaking it to the core. And just as quickly as it started, it runs it's course and blows over. Finn smiles sweetly and accepts the peaches.

This is an all too easy book for parents to relate to. Who hasn't dealt with a crazy toddler fit? This is also a great big exaggerated way to show kids what their fits can be like. The illustrations are awesome, portraying real storms swirling through the house - an avalanche in the family room and tidal waves in the living room. Best of all are the reactions of the family's pet - the little white dog who steals the show.

Ah, the unreasonable fits of children. So hard to deal with when you are the parent, and yet somewhat enjoyable when you are a bystander. How great to find a picture book that realizes that little irony. The humor and beautiful (yet crazy) illustrations make this a terrific read that we most thoroughly enjoyed.

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