Friday, September 18, 2009

The Birthday Box

Leslie's winning trio of Yummy Yucky, Quiet Loud and Big Little quickly became some of our favorite board books when they came out in 2003. I love her bright, simple style and our kids were equally entranced. For that reason, I was so pleased to see the nearly bald baby from those books make a special appearance here - for a big celebration!

The birthday boy is presented with a beautifully wrapped gift from his grandma. At first, he thinks the gift is the big brown box inside (aren't babies easy to please?) and he is delighted, giving his new box a big hug. The cardboard flaps open to reveal grandma's real gift - a wiggly puppy. The baby immediately dubs his new friend Oscar and they climb right back into that box.

The plain cardboard box is fueled by imagination, taking the duo on a series of adventures. First it takes the shape of an airplane, flying them across the ocean. Then the box morphs into a sled and they glide down a snow covered hill. With some careful cutting (of course with safety scissors!) the box is transformed into a robot costume.

Man, grandma really knows how to give a gift that goes the distance! After embarking on several adventures, the box fulfills one final need. With the addition of some cozy pillows and a soft blanket, the box serves as a snug little bed for the two friends to settle down in. It was the baby's birthday and he had a big day.

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