Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trick or Treat Tales

These compilations they put together for each holiday are such a clever idea! It's so neat to get the all the best shows centered around a specific theme. And what better to watch than some spooky tales for Halloween?

In Flour Power, Sir Topham Hatt asks Thomas to go on a midnight Halloween run to the mill to bring back flour for the bakery. On the way, Thomas decides to cover himself with flour to make himself look like a ghost. Does him prank go awry?

In Trix’s Pumpkin Pie, Trix the Forklift has offered to help Bob transport lumber for the new school jungle gym and help haul two huge pumpkins to the pizza parlor. But Trix can't be in two places at the same time, and she decides to ask Spud for help. Uh, oh, we all know how Spud can be. Thankfully, Bob the Builder comes through to help his friend.

Enjoy these, plus Guess Who from Barney and Friends, Fifi and the Flowerpots in Pirate Primrose and Angelina Ballerina in The Costume Ball. The bonus episode is Cat Magic, where Fireman Sam saves a furry friend from a chilling experience. Get ready for the season with this sweet and scary collection of Trick or Treat Tales!

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