Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boom Bah!

Dancing pigs, drumming cats and marching chicks. What's not to love? A whole slew of animals get into the action by making their own instruments from ordinary household objects and forming an impromptu parade.

A bitty little mouse swings his spoon against the side of a teacup with a resounding "Ting!" This small sound ignites a fire under the other animals. One by one, they create instruments and start banging out a cacophony of sounds. The pig smacks two pot lids together for cymbals, the goat presses a bowl and box into service as drums and the mouse abandons his teacup for a bell on a stick. Tap! Tap! Clickety-click!

The makeshift band marches out the door and across the lawn. Mama chicken leads the line of fuzzy boogie woogie chicks. A host of birds hold up a colorful banner over the band, and even minuscule bugs in the grass are feeling the groove. Everyone is having a fine time! Isn't music a wonderful way to gather a group together?

As they march along, the makeshift band is surprised to run into ... another crowd! But these animals have authentic musical instruments and official red uniforms. This is an actual band! The two groups eagerly mingle, forming a band that's twice the size. They all march down the path, producing loud blasts of happy sounds.

Bright, cheery illustrations of sweet barnyard animals make this is a super fun read. I particularly love the colorful triangular banners the birds hold up; these turn a walk down the lane into a parade. I'm not sure where the second group of animals procured band jackets for all and even hats to fit a trio of geese, but I don't care. They are funny and smart and very loud.

If your kids don't insist on rummaging through your kitchen cabinets to make their own instruments immediately following the first read, something has gone terribly wrong. This will inspire them to march to their own beat! Everyone loves a bull in coat with epaulets, right? Get reading!

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