Friday, January 22, 2010

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Tundra Books
Lewis Carroll; Illustrations by Oleg Lipchenko

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was originally written in 1865 and has since been translated into 125 languages. There have now been over a hundred editions of the book, as well as countless adaptations in other media, including theater and film. If you haven't already done so, isn't it time to introduce this masterpiece to your children?

This edition is particularly enjoyable because it is presented like a large picture book, making it a great choice for a large range of ages. Sized at 9" x 12", beautiful illustrations by Oleg Lipchenko sprawl across every page, bringing the story to life. Broken up into twelve chapters, this is the perfect bedtime book. There is ample adventure and colorful characters afoot to keep children breathless and anxious for the next night's chapter.

I think I was first introduced to Alice by the 1951 Disney cartoon. Like most book to movie adaptations, reading the story is so much better. Reading the book allows you to process Carroll's original text and allow your imagination to develop the characters, which makes the story uniquely yours. Here, Lipchenko's illustrations will act as a starting block, but they don't fully create the memory for you, like a movie will do.

There is a reason Lewis Caroll's writing is considered a classic - it really does transcend the years. I'm so pleased that Tundra Books is offering this updated edition, so that I may introduce a whole new generation to Alice's adventures via a gorgeous book. I must point out that Oleg Lipchenko's illustrations plus Lewis Carroll’s original text serves to make this a spectacular gift choice. Grab a copy and invite your own children to join the tea party and take their chances with the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the demanding Queen of Hearts!

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