Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Night in the Zoo

Judith Kerr

Just as you might imagine, this book tells the story of what happens one night in the zoo, after the crowds and employees have left the premises. The animals are left to their own devices ... which makes for a rollicking good time.

This isn't some ordinary night at the zoo, but rather a very magical evening where an elephant kicks off the fun by leaping high into the air and flying across the starlit sky. Encouraged by his bravado, a kangaroo and a crocodile jump on a tandem bicycle and peddle away, throwing their heads back with laughter.

Page after page reveals these zany zoo animals doing phenomenal things - like flamingos turning from pink to blue and rabbits sailing down with parasol from the neck of a giraffe. Other pages are just plain unexpected, like tigers blowing the feathers off a cockatoo with sneezes. Don't worry, a pack of helpful monkeys stick them back on with a pot of glue until the owls sound the alert that all animals must return to their cages. Order must be restored as the zookeeper is coming back to reopen the gates to the public!

Can you imagine tucking yourself away right before the zoo closes to get a show like this? After the crowds thin, and the gates are locked, you wander around and catch glimpses of animals behaving like you have never seen them before. The sights are wonderful and marvelous - a sneak peek into the animal kingdom like you have never seen before. These illustrations are even better than what my own imagination could come up with. As a result, the book is a pure delight that you just shouldn't miss.

As a bonus, take a peek into the writing studio of Judith Kerr. She's been writing and illustrating children's books for over 42 years, bringing us magical creations like this.

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