Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kenn Nesbitt - Free Download!!

Here in Michigan, rapidly approaching April means we face the possibility of ditching our scarves in favor of umbrellas. I'm not saying it's a certainty, but at least we can start dreaming of naked necks. For warmer states, April means National Poetry Month!  The purpose of NPM is to introduce more readers to poetry by increasing awareness in the media. We have a few books up our sleeve to participate poetically, but this nugget is too good to sit on until then!

Kenn Nesbitt is one of our all-time favorite children's poets. He writes clever, side-splitting poems that kids  instantly relate to. Doing their part to generate interest for National Poetry Month, Sourcebooks is now offering My Hippo Has the Hiccups free online to all readers. Seriously, this is a fantastic offer that I strongly urge you to take advantage of.  Just click the link and the entire book is there for you to view online page by page, or to download for later.      

After being thoroughly wooed by his first book, we are delighted that Kenn has written a second book of poetry, The Tighty Whitey Spider, which will be released in April. Rumor has it that Kenn will be covering compelling subjects like Acrobatic Cats, Kung Fu Pets, and Chickens on Computers.  You know this one will be good! If you don't like poems about Acrobatic Cats, just move along.     

While we (not so patiently) wait for his new work, please check out the free version of My Hippo Has the Hiccups.  It's only available until the end of April, so get over there. Heck, email it to your friends and your kids' teachers and you'll get the credit for being an internet wizard who finds the good stuff.  Thanks, Sourcebooks!

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