Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seasons Book Trailer

Enchanted Lion has just released the trailer for Seasons by Blexbolex. This is a visually stunning book that invites the mind to remember and reflect, spurring it on to imaginative play through its strongly evocative images.  I have not yet leafed through a physical copy of Seasons, but this little video sure makes it look appealing!

I love that books have taken their cue from the film industry and begun making trailers.  It's a terrific way to virtually open the cover, flip the pages and see if it's the book for you, without setting foot in a bookstore.  Not that you should be proud of avoiding bookstores, but sometimes we can all appreciate the convenience of my friend, the Internet.  I adore that 'Look Inside This Book' feature that Amazon frequently offers, but these trailers are waaaaay better. 

The accompanying music is by Luna, which seems to be the perfect choice for the book. Just watching this makes me realize how ready I am to welcome Spring. 

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