Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bedtime for Mommy

I love when a book has a cute little twist that really makes it funny. That's exactly what's happening here, and kids will find this to be a hilarious switcheroo. The parent and the child are trading places, with the daughter being the one responsible for getting her mom to bed.  The funniest part is how perfectly her mom plays the role of child! Parents will instantly identify with the typical bedtime behaviors displayed.

 When the clock strikes 7:30, the mother is still working away at her desk. We know someone is diligently monitoring the time for her, as a little ponytailed head pops around the corner and announces "Bedtime!" But, but, Mom isn't ready for bed yet, and she frantically shuffles papers and taps on her keyboard.  Her request of an additional "five more minutes?" is reluctantly granted, but then it really will be bedtime, no excuses. 

Once the little girl pries her mom away from her computer and marches her up the stairs, there is the usual bedtime routine to navigate.  She has to oversee that teeth are properly brushed, a bath is drawn and fresh pajamas are produced. After that, she must help choose an outfit for the next morning. The first three selections are met with head shakes and looks of disdain until the fourth one meets with her charge's approval. Then it's onto to book reading in bed, one last drink of water and a discussion over how far the door needs to be cracked open for proper light.

Finally, she gets her mom all tucked in for the night.  As she heads down the stairs, she stops and says "Phew!"  Yup, that pretty much captures exactly how I feel as a mom at the end of each night! The little video below from Bloomsbury shows off the book even better that I can describe. Reading this will make you chuckle with recognition and have your kids wanting to try putting you to bed!  Thanks to Amy Krouse Rosenthal for another great book to add to our collection.    


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