Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Butt Book

Artie Bennett; Illustrated by Mike Lester

Yeah, I know, it's book about butts. And maybe there are some adults who think reading about butts is inappropriate or juvenile or just plain silly. And for every one of those adults, there is a kid who will think this is the funniest book ever, giggle themselves silly and slump into a heap on the floor. And really, aren't picture books supposed to be about making kids happy?     

Talk about judging a book by the cover. Somehow I totally overlooked the two humans pictured there on the front and assumed this would book would be all about animal butts. You know what they say about assume, right? Seems all the more appropriate here, ha, ha. I was wrong, the butts are not just limited to the animal type, but touch on a broad range of all the butts on Earth. Get it, touch on?  Ah, this book really does draw out my juvenile sense of humor - hopefully it does the same for you. 

Obviously, butts take center stage here. You might be surprised to find there's enough to say about this body part that would fill an entire book, but it turns out to be pretty interesting as well as funny.  Maybe we don't give enough credit to this part of our body. We mock our bums, are embarrassed by our posteriors and try to camouflage a big booty with flattering pants.  But come on, we all have one!  Let's celebrate the butt and give credit where credit is due. How else could we sit comfortably or ride a bike?  What do butts go by in your house: fanny, bum or derriere?  Artie Bennett has nearly 40 words for the butt listed on his website.  How many can you come up with?  

Clever rhymes and cute illustrations make this book so much fun to read. Readers get to see a whole slew of butts that they probably never gave a second thought to.  Eagle? Check. Weightlifter?  Check.  Snake?  No, snakes don't have butts -  read the book!  If you have a relaxed sense of humor and don't take yourself (or your butt) too seriously, this is the perfect choice for you. Humorous and informative - really a pure delight. 

Review copy provided by Bloomsbury.

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