Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sara Hickman Big Bird, Little Bird


Finding children's music that I could listen to and enjoy with my kids has always been a challenge. We discovered pretty early on that tons of children's cds are billed as "silly" which equates as just plain annoying.  There are only so many goofy voices and forced hilarity that I can endure.  Sara Hickman's music is in a whole different class.   

Besides being the Official State Musician of Texas for 2010-2011, Sara is an acclaimed recording artist who is devoted to both her two girls and raising community awareness. Her plan with Big Bird, Little Bird is to help families create together and bring art programs into public schools.  These songs are beautiful and Sara's voice is flat out amazing.  Somehow she can make goops in your eye sound like the sweetest thing in the world.  So, yeah, I can see why Texas laid claim to her!   

Sarah says: "As a mom, I know having a new baby is like no other other experience.  It's a miracle.  I used to ask my babies, 'Where did you come from?'  I will never understand how I got so lucky to have such beautiful beings in my world and I bet you feel that way, too."  You can tell Sara put those feelings directly into her music.  Listening to these songs is like hearing the happiest mother in the world singing right to her own children.  There is such a sense of peace that comes from hearing that.  

I love it for the music alone, but it offers some great multimedia animation too.   It's laid back and sweet, not overly stimulating, which is perfect to wind down at the end of the day.  Dr. Toy agrees, naming this DVD as winner of the 2010 Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Products Award.

The songs included are It’s Alright (Acapella), A Slice of Heaven, Goop’s In It, Big Bird, Little Bird, Lily, This Heart, You Are My Sunshine, The Family Tree (You and Me), All Things Bright and Beautiful, We Are Each Other’s Angels and It’s Alright.

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