Monday, October 11, 2010

The Eensy Weensy Spider Freaks Out!

Where I come from, this nursery rhyme spider is commonly known as the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  A bit of internet detective work turns up that it also acceptable to use Incy Wincy or Eensy Weensy. No matter the name variation, most of us are familiar with the tale as it is one of the more popular nursery rhymes. Have you ever considered that the spider might be a bit disoriented by the big wash off the waterspout?  What happens if she isn't soothed by the sun coming out? 

Not only does Eensy Weensy freak out big time after the waterspout incident, there just happens to be a news reporter on site who records it.  Embarrassed, she holes up in her garden apartment until her ladybug friend comes to talk some sense into her. Instead of climbing right back onto that fickle spout, the spider starts out smaller - climbing a flower pot.  With one successful climb under her belt, she moves onto a fire hydrant and then a dog.      

Eensy is feeling so good about her successes that she just keeps climbing and climbing. Before we know it, she scales that waterspout with no hesitation, then scoots clear across a telephone line to a wrecking crane high in the sky. That's high enough, right? Not for this spider. She climbs to the top of a hotel, to a radio tower and manages to end up on the tip-top of a rocket.  There you have it - space travel is what happens when a spider freaks out big time!

I like that the story works off an old familiar nursery rhyme, in an updated fashion.  After her initial hesitation, she works up some courage and gradually starts to regain her confidence.  I can see how this would be a useful parenting tool as a little "remember when the spider was scared to climb again?" encouragement.  The video below is set to a jazzy little rendition of the spider song we know and love.  Enjoy!   

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