Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Baby Baby!


It's true that all a board book really needs to fulfill its purpose is durability. Be the book that can stand up to the rigors of a toddler and everyone loves you.  Every once in awhile, a board book will come along that catches my attention by going over and above my expectations. I particularly like this one because of the flowing rhyme. Reading this is as close to singing without actually singing. It's catchy and fun!

Like most great board books, this has a simple set up.  Everyone in the family, from Mommy all the way down to the family cat, has an activity they love to do with baby. Daddy's baby likes to dance, Grandma's baby likes to splash in the bath, and Puppy's little baby likes to crawl. The book has a nice little wind down where the baby does some hugging and snuggling and settles down for sleep. The verb is printed in triplicate, like in this excerpt:

Bitsy bouncy baby
On a bumpity lap
Mommy’s little baby likes to

The bright colors  (mom's red hair - wow!) are stimulating and the illustrations are pleasing - we particularly liked the perfectly round heads.  Clearly, this is a book for younger children, but my six year old has been reading it aloud for several days. He's hooked on the the rhymes and enjoys acting out the motions.  If an older kid has taken this much of a shine to it, I imagine younger children would be bowled over. The downside to this book - it's so freaking catchy that I can't get it out of my head! Daddy's little baby likes to dance, dance, dance!

Review copy provided by Sourcebooks. 

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