Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch

Mary Peterson and Jennifer Rofe

What sort of trouble can two devilish little piggies get into while their mama naps?  Bear in mind that they have an entire farm at their disposal and plenty of energy.  They cover so much territory that the inside cover provides a little schematic of everywhere they traveled.  The map was a big hit at our house - those little black dashes mark their path of mayhem from start to finish.     

This is the perfect autumn book, bursting with fat orange pumpkins and rife with scampering squirrels. Crisp yellow sheets are flapping on the line, plump bunnies line the garden and an entire hive bees buzz nearby.  This farm is simply ideal for a pair of mischievous piggies.            

I like the use of prepositional directions: under the sheets, over the green beans, behind the sheep and between the cats. There is also a wonderfully liberal use of adjectives, so it's actually under crinkly, clean sheets, over the growing, green beans and between teasing tabby cats. The pigs chase bushy tailed squirrels and race through muddy fields, having the time of their lives until they find themselves in the big bull's pen and have to escape through a swarm of stinging bees.  They return to their mama, tuckered out from the adventure, soon fast asleep, happy as pigs in ... a pumpkin patch.         

The illustrations are super cute, with colors and patterns abound. No plain jane sheep here - these guys sport a sweet design of tiny white and orange spirals on their golden backs.  The piggies are equally adorable, with perfect pink snouts and black patches dotting their plump white bellies. Even though their eyes are just round black dots, they manage to convey a look of innocence while racing about.  Okay, the bull isn't cute, but the little squirrel rears racing away from him definitely are!

Of course, the trailer gives us an actual look inside the book, complete with animation and a peppy tune.  

Review copy provided by Charlesbridge.

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