Thursday, December 9, 2010


James Howe; Illustrated by Randy Cecil

This book is aimed at anyone who thought they were too small or too large to participate in an activity. Let the big, orange, ballet-loving dinosaur show you that when there's a will, there's a way.

Brontorina's dream has always been to dance. One day, she turns up at Madame Lucille's Dance Academy for Girls and Boys and announces her intention to follow that dream. Madame Lucille is torn. She is not in the habit of turning students away, but she has never had an Apatosaurus turn up at her door either. With a warning to be careful "not to squash the other dancers," the largest and longest student is welcomed into the studio.

As they dance, Brontorina's face lights up with a smile ... until her head crashes into the ceiling. Smile, crash. Smile, crash. Her tail swoops wildly, causing concern for the other dancers and the piano. While Brontorina is indeed very graceful, she is simply too large for the studio.  Not does it help that two sour little ballerinas continually mention her lack of proper ballet shoes.  

With a sudden realization, Madame Lucille announces that the problem is not that Brontoria is too large for the studio, but rather the studio is too small for all the dancers. After a prolonged search, the troupe settles on a more appropriate venue, complete with a new sign that reads "Madame Lucille's Outdoor Dance Academy for Girls and Boy and Dinosaurs and Cows."  This studio welcomes anyone who has a notion to dance!

Review copy provided by Candlewick.

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