Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guido's Great Coloring and Drawing Book

Guido's right on the money. This book really is great! What an awesome treasure chest full of unique projects to draw and color. If you have ever hunkered down with a child and a box of art supplies, thinking it would be an easy way to carve out some quiet time ... you may have been hit with "What should I draw? Now what can I draw? Now what? Mom? Mom?" You will want to meet Guido, grab his great ideas and find your quiet time.

I really love that he doles out the assignments and the child supplies the creativity. And I especially like that it isn't several pages of the same thing over and over. These babies are varied!  One page has four bottles/jars in different sizes and shapes, with the directive "Make labels for jars full of delicious food."  Another page provides the beginning of a story with plenty of room to continue the exciting tale. Go on to decorate an ice cream cone with your favorite toppings, invent some new traffic signs, or design your own unique mailbox.

Draw, color, count, and above all, put those imaginations to good use. One of my favorite favorite pages has a handful of small ink blobs and says "Add about 827 more dots." Why can't I come up with things like that? While all the pages are black and white, some are more plain than others. Another of my favorites simply states "Draw a slice of sausage."  The real charm of this book is that he comes up with very simple, but completely off the wall ideas.  

This is one of the best creative books I have seen, and I truly hope this author puts out another book in a similar style. What a wonderful tool to jump start little minds, plus it's just plain FUN.   

Review copy provided by Clavis.  

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