Friday, January 28, 2011

Bedtime for Bear

I can so clearly remember first reading A Visitor for Bear waaaaay back in 2008, when we were introduced to cantankerous Bear and mischievous Mouse. I fell in love with those two on the first read through and was so thrilled when it was followed with A Birthday for Bear in the fall of 2009.  Of course, I'm so pleased that Bonnie Becker and Kady MacDonald Denton have teamed up for a third time, with an all new predicament.

While Bear has a sweet moment here and there, for the most part he is a total curmudgeon.  Not surprisingly, he has never had an overnight guest before. By now, we know Bear is quite set in his ways, and this extends to his night time routine. Of course, he likes things just so: a perfectly fluffed pillow, his nightcap clapped on snugly, a glass of water on the nightstand, and most importantly - absolute silence. Cue Mouse for sleepover.

Bear lays out his rules for his guest, just so there will be no misunderstandings. And then ... Mouse brushes his teeth extremely loudly, hums when he puts on his nightshirt and proceeds to give his friend a most annoying hearing test. Bear finally lets loose with a bout of very loud shouting and Mouse quiets down in his makeshift, albeit very cozy looking, drawer.

Mouse is fast asleep when Bear wakes him in a panic, claiming to have heard some strange noises. And then Bear, who was so exasperated with his overnight guest, is suddenly quite glad to have a friend staying over.  Mouse checks the closet for prowlers and tells Bear a nice bedtime story to calm his nerves.  And the two friends fall fast asleep - on their very first sleepover. 

Bear and Mouse are the perfect pair of opposites and their friendship just somehow works.  Denton has a way of making them both look perfectly lovable, even when one is being gruff and the other is being annoying.  I would love to hear a fourth book will be coming along the trail ...   

Review copy provided by Candlewick Press.

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