Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Ghost Under My Bed


Guido Van Genechten

I don't know anyone who has children or even anyone who was a child that didn't think at least one thing in their bedroom seemed scary in the dark. The nightlight makes ordinary objects throw crazy shadows and the house seems to creak overtime at night. Jake the penguin is very young with a large imagination, so he does some conclusion jumping of his own. 

First it is cr ... cr ... crack! that Jack hears. Without wasting any time on rational thought, he quickly concludes there must be a ghost under his ed who is making that noise. Jake's dad comes right in when beckoned, belly flops on the floor to peek under the bed, and deems it a ghost free zone. Shortly after, Jake is sure there is a ghost behind his curtains, in the wardrobe, in the toy chest and under the rug.  Poor Jake's dad is working overtime hustling in there to lay every fear to rest.   

I thought it was funny that the penguins don't wear a stitch of clothing, but live in a nicely decorated house.  Jake has a nice collection of stuffed animals, (including an antelope, bunny and elephant), curtains and the windows and a lamp on his bedside table. Apparently they believe in home furnishings, but not clothing. Eventually, Jake believes his dad that there are no ghosts in his room, not because they don't exist, but because his dad scared them all away. And that's the end of Jake's scary night!  

Review copy provided by Clavis.

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