Friday, February 18, 2011

Cupcakes, Cupcakes and More Cupcakes!

Lilach German; Photography by Danya Weiner

Just to be clear, this isn't a baking book specifically intended for a child to use. But clearly, it is a book that would provide one heck of a lot of enjoyment for children! I don't think I know any child who isn't brought to their knees by the sight of a beautifully frosted cupcake. Their diminutive size makes cupcakes so much more entrancing than a full size cake and they seem nearly custom made for small hands.

The title says it all - this is an astonishing array of goodies in a perfect form. I think cupcakes are an incredibly versatile treat - perfect to take to school, parties, or on a welcome plate for the neighbors. I love how the chapters are divided: The Classics Cupcake Style, Cupcakes for Kiddies, Cupcake Celebrations, A Cupcake to Your Health and Cupcakes for Connoisseurs. Whatever the occasion, Lilach German has devised several recipes that would fit perfectly.    

For Valentine's Day, we decided on Mini Chocolate Valentine Cupcakes, which were coated with a smooth dark chocolate frosting and sprinkled with tiny candied hearts. My six year old was positively drooling over the Mini-Me Marshmallow Cupcakes. The directions say to press one mini marshmallow in the center of the cupcake, attaching marshmallows around it to achieve symmetry. It really makes a huge difference in the cupcake's appearance, but I wouldn't have known to do it on my own. 

There is a great variety of styles and tastes to choose from, and while there isn't a photo on every page, there are enough photos to be satisfying. Some of these cupcakes are classics and others I would never have dreamed of. The Top Hat Cupcakes are simply mesmerizing, while the Gingerbread Cupcakes are just simple. This is one fantastic cupcake compilation!    

Review copy provided by Imagine Publishing. 

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