Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Highlights Hidden Pictures - 2011

Good ole Highlights. I can remember having a subscription when I was a kid  and one of our favorite features was always the hidden pictures puzzle. This is still one of the first sections we turn to when our issue arrives now and most definitely the one we spend the most time on.  What could be better than an entire book comprised of these great puzzles?

I don't know that there is an age range for this type of thing, as the adults here have been enjoying this book every bit as as much as the six year old does. Of course, some of the hidden objects jump out at you right away, but there are always a handful that remain hidden despite our best efforts. We worked together and found ourselves struggling at the end of each puzzle to find that last elusive banana or thin pencil. Thankfully, there is an answer key at the back of the book if you are absolutely stumped.

The annual set is comprised of four volumes. At forty-eight pages per book, that works out to almost 200 puzzles in all. We have had our copy for just over a week and are already halfway through. Not surprisingly, requests have already been made for the other three volumes in this series. Good, clean, completely addictive fun! 

Review copy provided by Boyds Mills Press.

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