Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fox and Hen Together

When we last saw Fox and Hen, they were happily resting after a frantic escape in The Chicken Thief. It's a possibility that this sequel will find these two living peacefully without incident ... but Beatrice Rodriguez comes through with a heck of a lot more fun than that. This book offers every bit as much excitement as the last, with another fun, unexpected ending.

And now Fox and Hen are blissfully co-habitating in an adorable house carved into the base of a tree. This is a happy house, as evidenced by a series of framed photographs of the embracing couple. The unlikely pair may be  long on love but they are short on food. With a kiss, Hen entrusts her egg to Fox (ha! See the twisted humor there?) and sets off with her fishing pole to snare lunch. Just as Hen catches a rather large fish, an enormous bird swoops from the sky, latching firming onto her fish. And the adventure begins!

Sure, Hen could let go, but she has a hungry family at home to feed. She clenches her beak and tightens her grip on her pole. For her efforts, she is deposited neatly into a nest of hungry baby birds who would like nothing better than a tasty chicken lunch. Hen quickly dives into the sea, only to be lustily pursued by a terrifying large sea monster. Brave Hen puts up quite the fight, besting the creature and landing on the beach directly in front of her own cottage. She dashes inside, only to find empty eggshells lying right next to a frying pan. You can't trust a fox!         

But it isn't a full-bellied animal who sits in front of the fire. Fox gently rocks a tiny bundle, the baby who hatched while Hen was away. Good thing this is a wordless picture book, because I can only imagine what would have come out of Hen's beak when she was jumping to her conclusions. It sure looks to us like this new arrival has the ears of a fox and the wings of a chicken. Should be a very interesting offspring, indeed.  

If you have not tried wordless picture books, I strongly recommend Beatrice Rodriguez. She includes action and adventure, terrific character expressions and plenty of fun-to-read body language. Plus, her books have a way of ending with a wonderful twist. I am delighted to report that we will be treated to one more Fox and Hen adventure, with Rooster's Revenge.     

Review copy provided by Enchanted Lion. 

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