Friday, May 13, 2011

Pelly and Mr. Harrison Visit the Moon

Although Lindsay Ward is an accomplished illustrator, this is the first children's book she has both written and illustrated. She is also the pencil behind A Garden for Pig, which I found to be quite similar in style.

For starters, Mr. Harrison is the dog. And I like the chosen name. It conveys a certain amount of formality, which strikes me as completely ridiculous and hilarious. But on the next page he barks in cursive, so maybe he's a lot more advanced than I am giving him credit for. 

As Pelly and Mr. Harrison are readying themselves for bed one right, Pelly suddenly notices something odd: a rocket engine attached to her bathtub. That's new! When Pelly and Mr. Harrison climb into the tub, helmets and a steering wheel magically appear. And Mr. Harrison barks in cursive. They land on the moon and are greeted by a friendly alien who gives them a tour of her moon town. She shares the best moon things: spaceship racing, moon rock digging, star catching and moon pie eating. Pelly's favorite is toasting marshmallow by the heat of the sun - called s'moons. 
Review copy provided by Kane Miller.

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