Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birds of a Feather


Jane Yolen; Photographs by Jason Stemple 

Jane Yolen and Jason Stemple certainly know their birds, previously collaborating on Wild Wings and Fine Feathered Friends. They are back with another beautiful book of poetry.

Each page offers a thoughtful poem, a stunning photo and an informative paragraph on one bird. This is kind of a field guide for youngsters, beautifully put together. Learn about fourteen interesting birds, including some I am familiar with, like the Eagle and Sandpiper, and others slightly more exotic. I had never heard of an Oystercatcher before, but I love the rings of yellow and orange around the eye, accented with brilliant orange beaks. 

The Eastern Kingbirds's poem refers to that bird as the "flying ninja." I laughed, as the photo is of a small, unassuming brown bird who doesn't look very ninja-like. The descriptive paragraph confirms that this bird regularly attack hawks and crows in an effort to protect their nests. The photo of the Chickadee is so perfect, that you will want to reach right out and stroke those soft feathers.

Rhymes range from rhymes, to Haiku, to downright silly - something for everyone. What a beautiful way to introduce a child to the world of birding.    

Review copy provided by Boyds Mills Press.

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