Saturday, November 5, 2011

Little Pig Joins the Band


David Hyde Costello 

Little Pig is the youngest piglet of the family, which is how he ended up with that particular nickname. His real name is Jacob, but nobody seems to remember that. My expectations were that this book would be adorable, and it definitely is. I had not anticipated that it would also be funny, but it hits that mark as well.

While the pigs are visiting at Grandpa's house, they break out a box from his marching band days. Grandpa squeezes into his old band jacket and the grandpigs take turns choosing instruments from the box. Actually, Little Pig selects instruments from the box and his older brothers and sisters take turns pulling them from his hands. Little Pig is lost behind the drum, can't quite get the trombone off the floor, and the tuba is too cumbersome to even consider!

Grandpa claims his jacket still fits, but one button lets loose with a poink and sails through the air. Every question Little Pig asks of his siblings is completely misheard, in a comical way. He inquires about playing a kazoo and his sister replies "Gesundheit" as she waltzes away with the trumpet.When he asks if they have any piccolos, his brother tells him to check in the fridge, behind the the olives.

As Little Pig watches his brothers and sisters mill around with their instruments, randomly playing different tunes, he stumbles upon a realization. What this band really needs is a little organization. Little Pig grabs a whistle, lines up the pigs, and soon has everyone marching together in step. He might be too small to carry an instrument, but he's terrific at organization and seeing what needs to be done. It isn't always the biggest and oldest pigs that are the most useful - sometimes it is the small guys with the greatest ideas.      

Review copy provided by Charlesbridge.

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