Thursday, May 3, 2012

Romans vs. Dinosaurs on Mars

This is a really clever idea to jump start creativity. Aimed at ages seven and up - pretty much when kids are too cool for coloring books but still need a creative outlet. This kind of covers all the bases - you read the book and add details to the existing illustrations. A very neat idea.

Although the pages are filled with illustrations, there is still tons of space for the artist to add their own unique work. It's all black and white with blips of red accents - reminds me a bit of a comic book.  There are little boxes of directions on each page that detail what needs to be added to fill in the gaps in the story, complete with all different shapes and sizes of nice, blank drawing spaces. Some are small, like the two inch long shelf to fill with wacky potions, while others take up nearly the whole page. Pencil in dinosaurs, clever dialogue, add in whatever the story needs to make it truly hilarious.

I like how there is an actual storyline to follow, it's not just a collection of pages thrown together. The Romans and Dinosaurs live together in a huge glass done on Mars. They don't exactly get along and engage in all sorts of crazy battles and schemes.Yup, it's out there. Exactly right for the intended age group! It's also perfect as a quiet solo activity. Hand the kid a book and some pencils and he/she will pretty much be drawn right in.  

Review copy provided by Nosy Crow. 

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