Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Word Collector

Cuento de Luz

Spanish publisher Cuento de Luz is offering a handful of pictures books available in either English or Spanish versions, making them nifty little tools for helping children learn a second language.

Luna is an extraordinary girl. She has a head full of fiery red curls and a ring tailed lemur (or a cat with a very evenly striped tail) as her companion. She also has a very unusual hobby; Luna collects words like other people collect stamps. Her house is filled with jars, bottles, and cages that all contain the same things - words. She snaps up long,beautiful words and short choppy ones. She devours delicious words and is constantly searching for more to add to her collection.

Over time, Luna realizes the amazing words are becoming more scarce. People are so busy that the most beautiful words are being forgotten. Luna packs her collection into a suitcase and sets off on an important journey. She scatters words were they are needed most: compassionate words to the desperate, peaceful words to the violent, and funny words to those who are too busy to laugh. Although Luna's suitcase is soon empty, she is happier. People are sharing her words and making up new ones.

The story's text is spread out in all different ways on each page. Some sentences are jumbled up in jars, some tumble down the pages and others stream gently across. This style makes for a fun read. If you have trouble making any of the words out, there is a summary of all the text on the last two pages of the book. The illustrations are nothing short of beautiful. This is a lovely book that delivers a couple of nice messages.

Review copy provided by Cuento de Luz.

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