Monday, June 4, 2012

My Dad is Big and Strong, But ....


Coralie Saudo; Illustrated by Kris DiGiacomo

The first thing I noticed about this book is the size and heft. Not only do the front and back covers seem extra thick and sturdy, but the pages are printed on cardstock, which is fairly unusual for a children's book. This book is no shrinking violet - it's every bit as big and strong as the illustrated dad it features.

Bedtime at this house seems very much like a million other houses. The whining and crying to stay up a bit later, the pleading for just one more book, the stubborn unwillingness to stay in bed. But in this case ... the culprit putting up some a fuss is the father. The sweet little boy is charged with corralling his dad into bed and making sure he gets a solid night's rest. It's no easy task.

He starts off with reasoning, but it's hard to reason with a guy who is turning cartwheels though the house, yelling "No, no, no!" The plan is to turn the lights out after one book, but those pleading puppy dog eyes are impossible to resist. Two books and one teddy bear later, his dad is snuggled up in bed (still wearing his hat) insisting that the light be left on. Dads are big and tough, but they can still be a little bit afraid of the dark. 

This is an adorable bedtime story. Kids and parents alike will appreciate and enjoy the little twist to the classic nightly resistance routine. The little sidekick dog is very funny, watching from the sidelines in most of the illustrations, but also offering some amusing canine body language. I really like how spare the backgrounds are - lots of neutrals with just a few key elements draw in.

Review copy provided by Enchanted Lion. 

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