Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boy + Bot


Ame Dyckman; Illustrated by Dan Yaccarino 

This is a funny little story about the innate differences between people and robots. I think robots are just something little boys are naturally drawn to, like trucks and dirt. It's hard wired into their brains to like metal and electronics, so the idea of a robot best friend is most definitely appealing. 

A boy was busy gathering pinecones when a robot casually approachs him with a pinecone for his collection. Boy meet Bot. They play together for the rest of the day. In the midst of a roll down a hill, a rock bumps the off switch on Bot, and he is immobilized. The boy is confused and concerned; why is his friend suddenly not moving or talking? He wrangles his new friend into the wagon and takes him home. He does all the things his mom does when he is sick: feeds him applesauce, reads him a story, and tucks him in.

When the boy's parents check in on him, the door bumps Bot's power switch. He whirrs to life, but finds the boy completely immobile. Now Bot is confused and concerned. He takes the boy home, gives him oil and thumbs through an instruction manual. Bot is just preparing to install a new battery when the Inventor walks in. The Inventor explains the differences between boys and robot, then drives the little boy home. From then on, they remained fast friends.

Obviously, this is a cute little fantasy book. If the interactive robot didn't clue you in, the Inventor's sidekick is a gigantic lighbulb with one eye and four legs. It's cute how the boy and the bot are from such different worlds, but instinctively know to be concerned about the other.

Review copy provided by Random House. 


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