Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to Babysit a Grandpa

Jean Reagan; Illustrated by Lee Wildish 

Babysitting a grandpa can be a lot of fun .... if you have the right instruction manual. This is the book that will explain everything a kid needs to know from arrival time all the way to saying goodbye at the end of the visit. It might not be a bad read for grandparents as well.

When Grandpa arrives, it is of the utmost importance to hide as quietly as possible, leaping out and giggling only when he has given up that you are home. Offer him an array of snacks, including anything dipped in ketchup. Definitely go outside to show him around the neighborhood, making sure to show him all the best puddles. Back inside, pretending is very important: build a pirate cave, leap from chair to chair over shark infested waters, or create a two man band.

Soon it is naptime. This means Grandpa will take a much needed snooze and you may use that time to do whatever you like. Throw together a hasty clean up right before your parents get home and then snuggle up together in the big chair. Goodbye is the hardest part of the day, but it is made a bit easier knowing that Grandpa will be back - he needs a lot of babysitting.

Really cute idea for a book, with completely adorable illustrations. I like how the grandpa is a bit stooped over, with a comb-over and a reddened nose. He's good natured too, going along with all of his grandson's nutty ideas. A pair of lizards create their own little show on the bottom of a few pages - drawing photos, being silly, and cheering on the cat. In all, a super cute book that kids and grandpas alike will enjoy.

Review copy provided by Random House.


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